The best match between wedding dresses and wedding bouquet

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Published: 29th June 2012
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The most beautiful touching moment of a woman, we'd say that nothing is more than wearing a wedding dress and walking into the church, of course, we can miss the embellishment of flowers.

The choice of bouquet is very particular, which should be coordination with the bride dress style, color, and her body and temperament, if it is well chosen, then win praise from the crowd; otherwise, it might appear dull and inactive.

The following are some recommendations given by the designers of the bouquet; I believe it will certainly help you.

The most traditional type: round bouquet

It depends on the wedding dress styles: a ring of rope with a small flower bouquet, usually matched with the princess-style wedding dress. S-shaped bouquet and classical, traditional and sheath/column wedding dress fit. It has graceful flowing lines, giving a gentle and elegant feel.

The most proud type: multi-color bouquet

It depends on the wedding dress colors: white dress match with red or blue bouquet, which will be exceptionally charming. The bride wore a white dress holding a few mouthwatering red roses with one on the hair, naturally without pretense.

The most personalized type: basket bouquet

It depends on the bride figure: the petite bride is not suitable for too long, too big bouquet; otherwise it will be very top-heavy. Round or spherical bouquet will be more appropriate. Basket-style bouquet is very fashionable, to weave the design according to the figure of the bride. The Japanese Crown Princess Masako at the wedding is holding this style bouquet.

The freshest style: bouquet of the season

It depends on the wedding season: after all, flowers are living things, it is very seasonal. Pick up the seasonal flowers of good quality. The musk of spring pea and lily of the valley, the summer rose, lily in the autumn, winter anemones and buttercups flowers are the most beautiful. Seasonal beautiful flowers, will be able to bring out the bride's tender and beautiful, beautiful.

It must also be reminded that the wedding company implemented one-stop-site service; we must find a relatively good reputation company. Otherwise, the wedding ceremony is going to begin, the bouquet has not arrived at the place. Or the bouquet is not brilliant, missing something like that, regardless of prior election; all the efforts are equal in vain.

As lighthearted and solemn march, you step slowly on the red carpet, with full support and blessing from both walkways sides. The other end of the red carpet, the sweetest and nicest guy is waiting for you. And you know that today you are the most beautiful woman, do not hold the bouquet in a wrong position and easily reveal the inner tension. How to hold bouquet in order to look graceful, giving the elegant and refined impression? Then, I want to talk about the correct posture of holding the bouquet.

1. The correct posture is your little finger and thumb in the same side, so you can put flowers fixed without shake.

2. During the witnesses, the groom is standing on the right side of the bride, so if held flowers with single hand, then should be your left hand. Cute spherical bouquet, you can hand it as a handbag, like mentioned on the left hand, or hanging on the left wrist.

3. If holding flowers with two hands, then try to be natural, not shrug your shoulders to leave a good impression. delivers the very best choice of Graduation Dresses. We have prom dress as well as formal dress in our web page.

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